This documentation focuses on the "Voting" feature of Transiyzi.


The Voting feature allows team members to rate each other's translations, providing valuable feedback to editors or proofreaders responsible for the project. This documentation will provide an overview of the Voting feature and how to use it effectively.

Accessing the Voting Feature

  1. Navigate to a translation's details page within Transiyzi.

  2. Locate the "Suggestions" section, which displays suggested translations for the current entry.

Voting on a Suggested Translation

To vote on a suggested translation:

  1. In the "Suggestions" section on the translation's details page, find the suggested translation you'd like to vote on.

  2. Click the "Thumbs up" icon located in the bottom right corner of the suggested translation.

Your vote will be registered, and the total number of votes for that suggestion will be updated.

Importance of the Voting Feature

The Voting feature offers several benefits to the translation process:

  • It allows team members to provide feedback on each other's translations, fostering collaboration and improving translation quality.

  • The accumulated votes give editors and proofreaders a valuable reference point, helping them make informed decisions about which translations to approve.

  • By encouraging active engagement in the translation process, the Voting feature promotes a sense of ownership and responsibility among team members.


The "Voting" feature in Transiyzi is designed to enhance collaboration and improve the quality of translations. By allowing team members to vote on each other's translations, the Voting feature provides valuable feedback to editors and proofreaders, ensuring the best translations are chosen for the final product. We hope this documentation provides a helpful overview of the Voting feature and its functionalities.

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