This documentation focuses on the "Suggestions" feature of Transiyzi.


Suggestions allow translators to propose translations for texts that need to be translated. These translations must be reviewed and approved by an editor or admin before they can be used, ensuring accuracy, appropriateness, and consistency with the brand's tone and voice. The concept is also known as "proofreading." This documentation will provide an overview of the Suggestions feature and its benefits.

Suggestions Overview

When a translator submits a translation, it is added as a suggestion. Admins and editors can easily filter and review unapproved translations, allowing them to quickly take action. Unapproved translations are also available for export via CLI, API, or manual download if desired.

Machine Translations are added as suggestions by default, giving editors and admins the opportunity to review and approve them before incorporating them into the project.

Benefits of the Suggestions Feature

The Suggestions feature offers several advantages:

  • It promotes collaboration among team members, as translators can suggest translations and receive feedback from editors and admins.

  • It ensures the quality of translations by requiring review and approval before they can be used in the final product.

  • It allows admins and editors to quickly identify and approve outstanding translations, streamlining the localization process.

  • It provides the option to export unapproved translations for use in other contexts or projects.


The "Suggestions" feature in Transiyzi is designed to enhance collaboration, streamline the approval process, and ensure the quality of translations. By allowing translators to suggest translations and requiring review and approval from editors or admins, the Suggestions feature helps maintain consistency and accuracy in the final product. We hope this documentation provides a helpful overview of the Suggestions feature and its functionalities.

Proofreading is important because it helps to catch errors and inaccuracies in translations. Accurate translations are essential for businesses to communicate with their target audience effectively. Poorly translated content can lead to confusion, frustration, and even mistrust among potential customers. On the other hand, accurate translations can help build trust and engagement with your target audience.

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