This documentation explains the "Projects" section of Transiyzi.


Projects are the area where new translation projects are created and managed. This documentation provides a step-by-step guide on how to create and manage a project.

Accessing the Projects Section

  1. On the main page of Transiyzi, find and click the "Projects" section in the left-side menu.

Creating a New Project

  1. On the "Projects" page, click the "Create New Project" button.

  2. In the opened form, enter the name of your project.

  3. Select an existing team or enter a new team name.

  4. Choose the source language for your translations.

  5. Click the "Create Project" button to save your new project.

Uploading a Language File or Manually Entering Translations

  1. Go to your newly created project.

  2. Choose one of the following options:

    a. Upload Language File: Select the language file from your computer and click the "Upload File" button to upload the file.

    b. Manual Translation Entry: If you want to enter translations manually, click the "Enter Translation Manually" button and fill out the form with the texts and their corresponding translations.

  3. Once the process is complete, click the "Save" button to save your translations.

Additional Information

  • For each product, you can create separate translation projects or use a single translation project.

  • If your product has multiple clients, such as Android, iOS, or a web application, you can create separate projects for each of them.

  • After creating a project, you can change fields other than the source language by clicking the project settings icon.

  • You can activate the Machine Translation feature for your project in the project settings area as well.


The "Projects" section is one of the core features of Transiyzi. With this section, you can create new translation projects, manage your projects, and upload language files or manually enter translations. We hope that this documentation helps you work effectively with the projects section.

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