This documentation focuses on the "Activities" feature of Transiyzi.


The Activities section provides an overview of translation suggestions, completed translations, approved translations, and comments in your projects. It is primarily used by admins to track project progress and activities. This documentation will provide an overview of the Activities feature and how to use it effectively.

Accessing the Activities Section

  1. On the main page of Transiyzi, click on your avatar in the left side menu, find the "Activities" link and click on it.

Activities Page Overview

The Activities page displays a comprehensive list of translation-related activities in your projects, including:

  • Translation suggestions submitted by users.

  • Completed translations.

  • Approved translations.

  • Comments on translations.

Using the Activities Section

Admins can use the Activities section to monitor the progress and activities of their projects, ensuring that translation tasks are being completed efficiently and effectively.

By reviewing the Activities section, admins can:

  • Keep track of translation suggestions and their sources.

  • Identify which translations have been completed and which are still pending.

  • Review approved translations to ensure quality and consistency.

  • Read comments on translations to gather feedback and address concerns.


The "Activities" feature in Transiyzi is designed to help admins monitor and track the progress of their localization projects. By providing a comprehensive overview of translation-related activities, admins can ensure that their projects are progressing smoothly and that translations are being completed efficiently. We hope this documentation provides a helpful overview of the Activities feature and its functionalities.

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