What is Transiyzi?

Transiyzi is web-based software designed to simplify the complex and time-consuming process of localization management.

With Transiyzi, product people, marketers, and software developers can centralize all their localization efforts, collaborate with translators seamlessly, and expand their global reach. The platform supports 25+ file formats, making it easy to import and export translations.

Transiyzi comes from "translation" and the pronunciation of "easy" (/i.zi/).

What can I do with Transiyzi?

With Transiyzi, you can:

  • Translate the files used for localization.

  • Collaborate on and manage all of your software localization projects through a single platform.

  • Implement an agile workflow for localization.

  • Add screenshots to your projects to facilitate automatic recognition and string matching.

  • Configure automated workflows using an API, webhooks, or by integrating with other services.

  • Benefit from translation quality assurance.

  • Communicate accurately and instantly with your customers in their native tongue.

Who is Transiyzi for?

  • Developers: By automating the translation and localization workflow, developers can reduce repetitive manual tasks.

  • Product, project, and localization managers: who want to accelerate the localization process and more efficiently manage all projects and teams from a single location.

  • Translators: Utilizing screenshots, comments, machine translation, in-context editors, and other tools, translators who desire to produce high-quality translations.

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