🎨White-label & Branding

In Transiyzi, the White-label feature allows you to create a fully customized experience tailored to your brand. With White-label enabled, you can:

  1. Use your own custom domain, making the platform feel like an extension of your website.

  2. Upload your logo, ensuring that your branding is consistent throughout the platform.

  3. Choose your own color scheme, aligning the platform's appearance with your brand identity.

By customizing the platform, you create a seamless experience for your users, with registration, login pages, and emails all consistent with your brand. The White-label feature is available for administrators, who can begin customizing the platform by clicking on the "Company" page in the left-hand menu.

To set up your custom domain, navigate to the "White-label" tab on the Company page, enter your domain, and follow the instructions to configure your CNAME record.

With the White-label feature, you can create a unique, branded experience for your users, ensuring that your localization projects are always aligned with your brand's identity.

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